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In the process of introducing grapes frequently used in making wine, we are now making our way to a grape commonly seen in France and Australia: Semillon!

Last weekend of September, Fun Fuel travelled to Reims and Ambonnay, to visit Secondé-Simon; get to know the wine house better, the Ambonnay wineyard and the range of cuvées produced by Secondé-Simon, in addition to the people working there and the processes they follow to make those extraordinary Cuvées.

Fun Fuel has long been looking forward to sharing some exciting updates. This fall, we are partnering with Lindsay Wine Estate to introducing two brand new wines, under our own label. Fun Fuel Chardonnay and Fun Fuel Shiraz can now be ordered from the Vinmonopolet website, and we are excited to share more about this process with you.

One of the most important components in what characteristics a wine will have, is the grapes it is made from. We would therefore like to introduce you to some of the different grapes, and their properties. First out: Riesling!

There are many different types of wine glasses on the market, in various shapes and sizes, carefully designed to bring out the characteristics of the specific grape or wine.

We are excited to introduce you to Endre Weibye, one of the three founders of Fun Fuel. He grew up in Røyken, and has his degree in civil engineering. Endre started a consulting company in 2014, and they are now a team of three people offering services within Test Management of IT-systems. As a wine importer, Endre gets to work...

Next to being a technology advisor, Stig André Jacobsen is one of the three founders of Fun Fuel. His interest for wine became more serious during his years in university, as he was studying for his master's degree in organic chemistry, through lectures from for example Vinmonopolet.

As one of the three founders of Fun Fuel, Jostein Ausland appreciates a glass of good wine. This interest has led him to a sommelier education, and taken him to several countries around the world looking for new wine experiences.

Some might think they are limited to the wines found in the Vinmonopolet store shelves when looking to make new purchases. Others may not know where to find new and exciting alternatives, or how easy it is to order the exact wines they want, just to pick up the order whenever it suits them.

When serving wine, having the right temperature is essential for the best experience possible. Commonly, consumers will serve the red wines too warm, and white wines too cold. A wine that is either too cold or too warm will lose its aromas and taste, and can be perceived as a bad or spoiled wine.