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Secondé-Simon Grand Cru Cuvée Nicolas NV

Nose Floral nose which develops an aromatic palette from vine to rolls and honeyed accent

Palate A lemony mouth and the characteristics and the creaminess of the Pinot Noir develops with hints of apricot notes. The finish is tart, thirst-quenching

Colour Light yellow color with reflections pale gold signs of maturity

Grape varity 2/3 pinot noir and 1/3 chardonnay

Analysis Alc: 12%, Acidity: 3,0 g/L, Sugar 10,3 g/L

Characteristics 40% reserve wine, dosage 10g/L, ageing minimum 2,5 years, disgorging date graved on the bottom of the bottle

Vinmonopolet nr: 12841901 

White wine

2018 TLC Evensong Riesling, Clare Valley

Nose Clare Valley riesling is made in a classic style displaying characters of citrus blossom, lime and plenty of pithy grip

Palate The acid brings out the mineral tones, whilst the palate offers citrus, grapefruit and a hint of green apple

Colour Pale lime green with straw hues

Analysis Alc: 11,0%, Acidity: 7,0 g/L, Sugar <3 g/L

Maturation Stainless steel

Window This wine is drinking exceptionally well now, however, it can also be cellared till 2030 

Vinmonopolet nr: 12841501

2017 LWE Semillion, Barossa Valley

Nose Cinnamon, clove and butter

Palate Hints of burnt apricot and thyme in combination with lemon grass, poached pear and brioche. This creates a complexity, when combined with a melange of spices: cinnamon, clove and allspice on the nose, LWE Semillon is at once alluring and intoxicating

Colour Golden yellow

Analysis Alc: 13,6%, Acidity: 7,0 g/L Sugar <3 g/L

Maturation 9 months in 100% French oak (33% new)

Window This wine is drinking exceptionally well now however, it can also be cellared till 2040

Vinmonopolet nr: 12841601

Red wine

2016 TLC Cobb and Co Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills

Nose A vibrant pinot noir on the nose with the scent of violets and classic forest floor aromas

Palate This wine has bright cherries on the palate with a light smokiness. Excellent length with black-cherry

Colour Purple

Analysis Alc: 13,7%, Acidity: 5,8% g/L, Sugar <3 g/L

Maturation 20 months French oak

Window Now - 2025 

Vinmonopolet nr: 12842101

2017 TLC Old Mac Merlot, Barossa Valley

Nose Aromas of fresh red berry fruits and a subtle spice

Palate Full varietal fruit characters and distinctive ripe berry flavours, the wine has been enhanced by maturation in specially selected French oak hogsheads and finishes with good length and light tannin astringency

Colour Ruby

Analysis Alc: 14,1%, Acidity: 6,1 g/L, Sugar <3 g/L

Maturation 24 months French and American Oak (5% new)

Window Now - 2025

Vinmonopolet nr: 12841701

2017 TLC His Only Pair Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa Valley

Nose Medium strength Blackcurrant , white pepper rounded off by a grassy tone.

Palate It is a mouth filling wine with strong blackcurrant fruit and white pepper characters which are rounded out by the addition of a grassy tone. This wine has fine, medium tannins which do not over power the palate due to the well balanced structure

Colour Ruby

Analysis Alc: 14,5%, Acidity: 6,4 g/L, Sugar <3 g/L

Maturation 24 months French and American Oak (5% new)

Window Now - 2027

Vinmonopolet nr: 12842001

2015 LWE Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa Valley

Nose Pronounced, redcurrant and earthy aromas

Palate It's elegant beguiling nose cascades into an intriguing palate of earthy, redcurrant, medium-bodied bursts of flavour which coat the palate from back to front with an exceptional weight

Colour Ruby. Intense colour

Analysis Alc: 14,4%, Acidity: 6,3 g/L, Sugar <3 g/L

Maturation 28 months French Oak (25% new)

Window 2025 - 2035

Vinmonopolet nr: 12842201