About us

Fun Fuel was established in July 2020 by 3 friends with a common interest in wine. The purpose of the company is to bring exciting wines to the Norwegian market. The philosophy is quality over quantity. 

The company is owned and operated by Jostein Ausland, Endre Weibye and Stig André Jacobsen.

Jostein Ausland

Jostein works as a consultant in the bakery industry and is a trained masterbaker with a heart for craftmanship.

His wine adventure began during a trip to Bergamo where he was served a Barolo after an F1 race at Monza.
After a few years of growing interest in wine, he took a sommelier education in 2016 to increase his professional competence in a structured way, and has since worked as part time at a local winestore. During his education, he opened his eyes to the new world, and how much variation the classic grapes can express when planted in different climates and soils. Although Jostein likes to try new things, he often ends up opening a nebbiolo or a syrah from the North Rhone, and he politely pass on everything that is produced of the grape gamay.

In his spare time he studies psychology, practise Telemark skiing, and carft his own beer in Ballonghallen, Rjukan in Telemark, where he lives.

Endre Weibye

On a daily basis, Endre runs his own consulting company which specializes in testing IT systems.  

Endre has been interested in wine since beginning of the 20s, after travelling in Europe, and has collected wine since then. He is most interested in traditional grapes, preferably from different countries, also outside Europe, and prefers powerful and tannin-rich.
He completed WSET2 in the spring of 2020, to learn more about wine; terroir, grapes and production methods, and WSET3 in 2021.

Endre lives in Oslo with his girlfriend and 3 kids.

Stig André Jacobsen

Stigs day job is as a technology advisor.

With a background from organic chemistry, the interest in wine started in the early 20s for him as well. So far, the interest hasn't resulted in a wine collection. However, it's resulted in many fine experiences with the right combination of food and people. Even though Stig is curious about new things he often ends up with some of his favourites, a fruity and fizzy champagne, semi-dry riesling, nebbiolo, syrah or a fruitful cabernet sauvignon.

When it comes to formal competance in wine, WSET2 is completed and the qualification for WSET3 is started.

Stig lives in Oslo, has a terrific girlfriend and an adult daugther.