Fun Fuel is a Norwegian wine importer based in Oslo and Rjukan. 

Our ambition is to bring wines which thrills us to the Norwegian market. 

We are very pleased to collaborate with Lindsay Wine Estate, Secondé-Simon, Vinosko, Weingut C.H. Berres, Weingut Axel Pauly and The Hope Distillery. .

Our web site will be updated with pictures morte suitable for our profile.
We'll also add additional descriptions of the wines and the item number at AS Vinmonopolet.

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In the process of introducing grapes frequently used in making wine, we are now making our way to a grape commonly seen in France and Australia: Semillon!

Last weekend of September, Fun Fuel travelled to Reims and Ambonnay, to visit Secondé-Simon; get to know the wine house better, the Ambonnay wineyard and the range of cuvées produced by Secondé-Simon, in addition to the people working there and the processes they follow to make those extraordinary Cuvées.

Fun Fuel has long been looking forward to sharing some exciting updates. This fall, we are partnering with Lindsay Wine Estate to introducing two brand new wines, under our own label. Fun Fuel Chardonnay and Fun Fuel Shiraz can now be ordered from the Vinmonopolet website, and we are excited to share more about this process with you.