Our partners

Lindsay Wine Estate

Our partner in Australia is in Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. Lindsay combines the contemporary with tradision in a very nice way. This leads to a wide variety of single grape wines, in all price ranges. The most exclusive series it the LWE.

Jostein and Stig visited the vineyard in March 2020 and the tour of the vineyard resulted in this collaboration. The relaxed atmosphere with wine tasting from both barrel an bottle, cheese, local charcuterie and vinyl on the record player suited us well. 

Further information about Lindsay Wine Estate.


Our partner in France resides in the village Ambonnay in the heart of Montagne de Reims.
They produce grower Champagne which makes them one of the few producers labelled as Récoltant Manipulant (RM). 

Secondé-Simon has over 6 hectar with Grand Cru vinyards.
Both non-vintage and vintage Champagne is produced and some of the product lines are very limited as they come from small plots around the farm.

Stig and some French friends visited Secondé-Simon a couple of years ago. When Fun Fuel was established, it felt natural to establish contact and import these quality products to the Norwegian market.

Further information about Secondé-Simon.


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Our Italian partner Vinosko is established by Stein Erik Ansethmoen, who formerly worked as a helicopter navigator with "Skvadron 330", a department within the Norwegian Army Airforce.

Stein Erik was studying to become a sommelier at the same time as Jostein in Fun Fuel, and when he retired after a total of 6825 hours of flying, he decided to settle down in Italy. He has worked actively to become a wine producer, and recently launched his first wine "Vinosko" together with oenologist and agronomist Gian Luca Petti. All the work behind growing and harvesting the grapes is done by hand.

Vinosko takes up a total of 9 hectares, where grapes for red wine production takes up about 6 hectares. The area is located in Orvieto, Umbria.

Weingut C. H. Berres

One of our partners in Germanhy, is a family run vineyard in Ürzig, Mosel.  It's run by Markus Berres which also is an oenolog, and his wife Sabine Berres.

They have several vineyards in the steep hils of Mosel and produce a wide variety of wines, mainly based on Riesling. Fun Fuel imports 6 of these wines.

The grapes are grown and mainteined in the steep hills by hand as they have for several centuries. It's hard and tedious manual labor in the vineyards. Pruning during winter, maintenance of plants and soil during spring and summer, and then harvest during fall.

The grapes are monitored closely during véraison and ripening in order to assess the balance between alcohol, residual sugar, fruit and extract. 

More info about Weingut C. H. Berres.

Weingut Axel Pauly

Our other partner in Germany, is also a family driven vineyard. They are located in Lieser, Mosel and produce a wide selection of wines. Fun Fuel focuses on the reds and rosés for the Norwegian market. 

One red based on 100% Spätburgunder, another based on 100% Frühburgunder, and a third which is a blend of the first two grapes in addition to Dornfelder. Last, but not least a rosé based on the three grapes mentioned above.  

More info about Weingut Axel Pauly.

The Hope Distillery – Gindome

The Hope Distillery was started few years ago, when Steen Lerche-Jensen moved to Estonia, after he had taken his Master distiller education in London.

A dream and a deep interest became the new gin brand Gindome, aiming to produce the highest premium gin possible. Awards won recent years indicate that the products are at a level appreciated by the customers – but The Hope Distillery is still looking for small steps that could lead innovation and even higher quality.

The Hope Distillery was member of the Gin Guild in London in 2023.

Gindome will be a story telling gin and inspiration will be found in many known legends. Their slogan is "Spirit of Legends".

More information about The Hope Distillery.